La Femme “Foreigner” video out now, only song entirely in English from new LP ‘Paradigmes’ out now


Today, acclaimed French psych-rock band La Femme debut a hysterical new video, “Foreigner,” which features the guys wandering the streets of Paris disguised as a fake band, complete with karaoke-style lyrics, chorography and hilarious costumes. The band has always felt a strong connection to traveling, particularly in the US, and “Foreigner” is the only song on their new LP sung entirely in English.

“One day or another, we all end up feeling like a foreigner,” says Sacha Got, “In this video, you will meet this fake band visiting Paris: on bateaux-mouches, in front of the Eiffel Tower…This is cheesy as can be, because it feels good when it feels foolish!” The video continues to reveal excerpts from their impending full-length feature film, set for release in the fall.

La Femme’s latest album, Paradigmes, is out now via Disque Pointu/IDOL.

Listen to PRI The World’s feature on LP track, “Nouvelle OrléansHERE.

Paris-based La Femme was established in 2010 by Sacha Got and Marlon Magnée, releasing three EPs together ahead of their critically acclaimed debut LP Psycho Tropical Berlin (2013) which earned them the highly coveted Victoires de la Musique award. A second LP, Mystère, was released in 2016 and, along with its predecessor, is certified Gold in France. La Femme has toured extensively in the U.S., embarking on a nationwide DIY tour even before releasing their first album and going on to play festivals including Austin City Limits, Desert Daze, Voodoo Fest, Austin Psych Fest and more. Internationally, they have played major festivals including Glastonbury, Sziget and Music Wins. “Geography must be important to us because of the fact we travelled quite a lot over the last few years, and different places brought different inspiration to us,” the band explains. “We like the folklore of places and what comes out of them.”







1. Paradigme
2. Le sang de mon prochain
3. Cool Colorado
4. Foutre le bordel
5. Nouvelle-Orléans
6. Pasadena
7. Lacher de chevaux
8. Disconnexion
9. Foreigner
10. Force & respect
11. Divine creature
12. Mon ami
13. Le jardin
14. Va
15. Tu t’en lasses