Dave Matthews Band – Riverbend Music Center – September 28, 2021


Dave Matthews Band – Riverbend Music Center – September 29, 2021

For many of those who have been missing concerts during the last years or so with all of the COVID postponements, this show, Dave Matthews Band, was at the top of their list.  After all, going to see Dave and his merry men has been a rite of passage for thousands every year.  A quick little research online turned up that the band has performed at Riverbend Music Center 24 times since 1996.  After two postponements, September 28th was finally here.

Waiting for the show to start, I started chatting with fans in the GA Pit in front of the stage inquiring who around me has seen the band the most.  After hearing what I thought were some really dedicated numbers of 24 or 33 and even one guy who was at his 60th, the winner came from a quiet woman on the rail next to me when she exclaimed it was her 118th!  For those wondering this was my 13th show but first at Riverbend.

Kicking off the show to the faithful’s delight was “Seek Up” which goes all the way back to the bands beginning in 1991.  What followed would be a healthy mix of hits “Satellite,” “Crush” and “Don’t Drink the Water” as well as deep cuts “Grace is Gone” and “Sweet” that would have made even a casual fan happy.

Their three-hour set spanned across nine albums and even two songs that are new to their set lists “Walk Around the Moon” and “The Ocean and the Butterfly.”  In true Dave Matthews Band jam fashion, each and every song got their own treatment this night and while you might know the song, you can pretty much guarantee you have never heard it like that before.  Even if this was your 118th show.


Seek Up

When the World Ends




Can’t Stop


Dancing Nancies


Walk Around the Moon


You Never Know

Grace Is Gone

Why I Am

Funny the Way It Is

You & Me

Louisiana Bayou

Grey Street

The Ocean and the Butterfly

Don’t Drink the Water