Ohio Music Experience has a long history but the road is a little winding.  (Follow along!)

Ohio Music Experience originated as Exposure Magazine in 1999.

Exposure merged with RAG Magazine in 2000.

RAG Magazine was sold in 2009 and SFL Music kicked off in 2010.

No. 4 Magazine was started in 2019, as a sibling publication to SFL Music but for the Ohio Market.

No. 4 Magazine is now Ohio Music Experience (OMX) and starting in May 2020, OMX Magazine will be available in PRINT at over 300 locations across Ohio from Cincinnati to Columbus, OH.

PUBLISHER | Sean McCloskey  Sean@No4Magazine.com

CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER | Nathan Rose  Nathan.Rose@FlickDirect.com

DISTIBUTION MANAGER | Melissa Smith  Melissa@No4Magazine.com

SOCIAL QUEEN | Jen Lohman Jen@No4Magazine.com

SENIOR EDITOR | Lori Smerilson Carson  Lori@No4Magazine.com

AMAZING CONTRIBUTORS | Tom Craig, Paul Evans, Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro, Todd McFliker,  Jay Skolnick, Melissa Smith & Joseph Vilane

CONTACT US| 6871 Hubbard Drive Huber Heights, OH 45424 | 954-296-5027